After School Program

2016-17 After School Flier-1The Nitty Gritty

Drop-In: Drop-ins are $25/day space permitting.

Missed Classes:  If a child is sick we would prefer they stay home and rest so they can be strong and healthy for the next class.  Due to the number of participants in each class we do not offer makeup classes.  Regardless of the reason for absence, participants are encouraged to utilize their memberships to come in to the gym on their own time in place of make-ups.  We offer free belay lessons for parents who would like to come in with their children outside of class time.

Membership and Gear Discounts: 
All of our monthly youth programs include an unlimited gym use membership with rental gear.  We encourage you to use this benefit outside of class time.  Additionally, participants receive 10% off all retail climbing gear.

We are no longer offering snack with the program this year – please make sure to pack a snack or Teton Rock Gym offers an assortment of snacks that can be purchased or invoiced to your child’s account.  If you would like your child to be able to invoice snacks to their account please let us know so we can note it on their account.  Invoiced snack products will be billed during our normal monthly billing cycle.

Registration and Enrollment: 
Participants can enroll at any time throughout the year as long as space is available – those joining partway through the month will be billed a pro-rated amount.  To pre-register for our classes and guarantee your child’s class placement starting in September, please call us and pay a deposit for September dues.  To register after classes have started for the school year please contact our program manager Heidi Hochstrasser  at 208-354-1046

Billing and Payment Policy: 
Our programs are designed for year-round participation; we bill fixed monthly dues each month regardless of the total of classes held that month.  Payment will be by monthly automatic withdrawal (EFT). We will put your credit or debit card on file and automatically charge you at the beginning of the month, and then e-mail an invoice to you.  Please note, you will need to call or stop by to put your payment information on file for monthly billing.

If a class is full, please ask to be added to our waitlist.  If another child drops or, in the case we open more space in the class, we will let you know.

: We require a two week notice to cancel – this allows us time to fill your child’s spot.  To cancel your child’s enrollment please contact our program manager Heidi Hochstrasser at 208-354-1046