Our New Work-Trade Program for Route Setters

We love our route-setters.

We love the people who dedicate hours in the gym every week, improving our gym, keeping our routes fresh, and coming up with fantastic climbs! These volunteers help out our climbing community, and we want to give back.


That’s why we’re introducing our Work-Trade Program for Route Setters!

We’re offering free membership for dedicated route setters. Anyone, even those new to setting can apply. To qualify, you must:

  • Be able to climb V3 and higher, or have been climbing for at least two years

  • Go through an initial training on route setting

  • Work 2 hours a week route setting (we’re flexible: you can work 4 hours in 2 weeks, as long as your time generally adds up to 8 hours a month)

  • Regularly attend additional workshops on setting philosophies, strategies, and techniques

 Our setting days will be announced soon!

To apply to the program, send an email to zarrin@tetonrockgym.com